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Dongguan City Xing Yue color packaging printing Co., Ltd. is a set of integrated design, printing, finishing as one of the printing enterprises. We have advanced printing equipment, the introduction of the latest German factory of Heidelberg computer CP2000 6 open, four open, four-color printing machine; prepress CTP output system new, imported glue binding machine, folding machine, Muller Martini binding series equipment; the plant has more than 6000 square meters, the staff more than 80 people. Our factory has many years of experience in the printing, design, plate making, printing, binding, packaging and other integrated, comprehensive printing service for customers. Printing include: color stickers, product brochures, and PVC packaging box, exquisite notebook customization, tag... [details].

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In fact, the printing of electronic technology is a revolution of industry technology after microelectronics silicon based electronic manufacturing field. Electronic devices and systems with a large area of printing, plastic, flexible, transparent and low cost. The whole world the basic manufacturin... [Details]


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Address:Dongguan city Dongcheng District Wen an element of new road No。 113 mailbox:Yuecai889@163.com

Contact: Miss Li Mobile phone:13790456318 Fax:0769-22360139

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